You are a noblemen or noblewomen that has gain the power to wield a accessory that will transform into a weapon base on your families emblem. Not all are the same.


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    Corruption Empty Corruption

    Post by Quill ScorchWood on Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:52 pm

    The corruption is a virtues that attack the mind of its host. At first it will seem like your going mad but in reality it is the virues slowly turning you into a beast. There is no know cure of this virues but there is a treatment to slow it down but it cause over one million lionheart coins for one setion. Many people have it but do not take the treatment instead they either gets as far away from their love one's or kill them selves. If you have it please get the treatment. (Note you can not say you have it failure to follow will lead you to get a strike)

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