You are a noblemen or noblewomen that has gain the power to wield a accessory that will transform into a weapon base on your families emblem. Not all are the same.

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    Post by Azure Cipher Phoenix on Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:29 am

    Main Theme 1&2: Dragonforce

    Full Metal Op 2

    Big brother Theme: Undertale Remix

    Cipher takeover: Set It Off Wolf in Sheep's clothing

    Burst Remix 1&2: Fallout Boy - The Phoenix

    Nami Tamaki - Brightdown

    Battle Main Theme 1&2:RWBY It's my Turn

    Lilith Theme

    Last Battle for now1&2: Again - Yui

    Overwatch Remix

    Call of Dragon: Break Up -Ayumi Miyazaki

    Magic Fight: RWBY Crow v Winter

    Sad Times: Angle Beats End song

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