You are a noblemen or noblewomen that has gain the power to wield a accessory that will transform into a weapon base on your families emblem. Not all are the same.

    Zendor Syphon(FIN)

    Zendor Syphon
    Zendor Syphon

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    Zendor Syphon(FIN) Empty Zendor Syphon(FIN)

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    Basic info:

    Name:Zendor Syphon
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 130
    Height: 6'1
    Face: Is profile pic till further notice.
    Accessory: He has a necklace with a small skull upon it.
    Family Emblem: Hawk

    Stats:(you have 20 skill points to spend
    DEF: 2
    RES: 2

    Weapon/Armor/Power info:
    Power: Illusions, which are largely kept to himself. He can change how he looks to other people, even down to looking the other gender. He can't do large scale illusions, but has found it less hindering not to do them. He can also do them to others, but he can always see through his own illusion.
    Weapon: He carries a rapier, utilizing fast attacks and deft movements. This comes from his accessory.
    Armor: He wears simple leather armor.

    HP/MP 200/200

    Character history: To say that the Syphon family is a small one, well. It's an understatement. A total of about 6 nobles make up the Syphon family. They're a seemingly docile lot, who don't do land grabs or anything. They find it pointless, as that can, and has lead to pointless death and slaughter. They aren't on the level of the Scorchwood family, or anything like that. They pull a string here, or a string there. Nothing much too large, and certainly nothing that would start a large war. After all, that'd lead to pointless slaughter. They don't want that, and never would have it.

    Now. That's enough about the Syphon Family. Onto a more interesting persona, that of Zendor Syphon.  It could be said that he's a prodigy at inter-personal relations, and that wouldn't be wrong. He, even beyond those of his house and home, prides himself in personal talks. He can talk his way out of most problems, and has done so before. He's even negated small house wars with mere words, as he finds himself being a peacekeeper among the smaller houses and nobility. Especially when they host other homes, when he's the face of the house. He, of course, doesn't hold the ownership of his home, but is nobility because of his lineage anyway.

    RP sample: Zendor looked upon the person in front of him. A noble, undoubtedly. After all, this was a open house, well, to nobles. They invited most around their home as a nice greeting. You must have a personal, open image. It makes it easier when the time of war comes to get allies.  It was simple logic that more allies was the better. The Scorchwood family is the epitome example of that. He doesn't even have to use any powers to corral the conversation. It's merely a skill adapted and taught to most, but there's just those who are much better at it. Zendor was one of those people. Simple body language can make the difference.  Simple things like a puffed chest, and standing up straight can make people trust you much faster. A keen eye and a caring smile makes the process even easier, and he's a master of all such things.

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