You are a noblemen or noblewomen that has gain the power to wield a accessory that will transform into a weapon base on your families emblem. Not all are the same.

    The Three Kingdoms

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    The Three Kingdoms Empty The Three Kingdoms

    Post by Quill ScorchWood on Mon Jul 04, 2016 8:50 am

    There are three major kingdom that make up the land Auwronate, Ocheris, and Caevell. But these kingdoms we're not always here. About 200 years ago the land was one massive kingdom called Drocmu. It's king was a peaceful man but died of a unknown ailment. He sadly didn't have any children but his 4 advisers would do. They gain the kings duties but didn't work as well as they did when the king was still alive. So they split the land into three kingdoms. Two of them (Phoenixx and Dragonfang) made Ocheris. The others (Fallen and BloodStone) made Auwronate and Caevell

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