You are a noblemen or noblewomen that has gain the power to wield a accessory that will transform into a weapon base on your families emblem. Not all are the same.

    The Fall of the Dark Lord

    Quill ScorchWood
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    The Fall of the Dark Lord Empty The Fall of the Dark Lord

    Post by Quill ScorchWood on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:31 pm

    The day was still and silent. The Dark Lords guards slacking off but all of the sudden a massive army of humans came out of no where and attack the Dark Lords castle. Both sides faught hard. But the outside force was just a distraction for a smaller team to get in and attack the Dark Lord himself. 5 people where in the team one of which was Quill ScorchWood. The other 4 members did not reach to the Dark Lords throne room but stayed back and faught off his 4 elite warriors. Quill was the only one to get there and fight the Dark Lord by himself. You know the rest of the story. Quill kills the Dark Lord, is given the title of ArchDuke (aka the highest rank for a noblemen) and the land is in semi peace again (there is never any true peace in anything)

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