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    General rules

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    General rules Empty General rules

    Post by Quill ScorchWood on Thu Jun 23, 2016 9:08 pm

    Follow these's rules when you are roleplaying:

    Most important rule of them all: You must create a Character bio before you start RPing, even before that you must have a admin approve it first then you can start RPing after that.
    Second most important rule of them all: Do not, I repeat DO NOT brake lore you will not get 1 warnings you will use all your warnings all at once and if you do it twice then you will be banned forever. It took me a long time to think of all that lore and I would love for you to follow them and don't go Mary Sue on us. So ya keep this in mind.(Quill ScorchWood)

    1. No metagaming (unless the person has told you about it)
    2. No god modding
    3. No pornographical content
    4. No Auto hits (meaning do not say you hit someone before they can prepare for it)
    5. Don't be rude
    6. When RPing the posting system goes like this 1st,2nd if no one post it goes back to 1st,2nd then 3rd
    7. Say Open when you are doing a open RP then say close when you have enough people in it that you want
    8. Put privet if you want to RP by yourself or with friends
    9. Do not post if you do not have a Bio filled out and ok by a staff member
    10. Stay on the topic
    11. You can not dodge forever you only can dodge 5 times
    12. Do not start a fight for no reason
    13. Do not be that guy
    14. Do not change the lore of you or the site
    15. Do not start a marriage topic without the ok from one of the Admins
    16. You can do a max of 10 topics a month anything over will be a warning then a strike
    17. If you are in the same family or clan as someone make sure to mention it in your history
    18. You can not say you are being trained by any lore characters or Admin (without their say so)
    19. Do not say you are in a relationship with a lore or high ranking character or Admin
    20. Do not make it seem like you are over sexulize this is a PG-13 site not A-rated site
    21. Don't go on the chat box unless you plan to talk to people because it is annoying for some people to go on it and then the person they want to talk to is away.
    22. Don't be a massive jerk no one like jerks (also if you rude to someone or their friend apogise to them or your banned for week)
    23. The banning will go as order. 1 week,2 week, 1 month, 2 month, 1 year, the forever. So follow the rules.
    24. You can mention you are naked but go into detail and we have a problem (keep it age appropriate)
    25. Do not and I repeat do not go into massive detail about something keep it simple and easy to follow (meaning keep it short so people with short attention spans can follow)
    26. Do not say you have a shadow/Darkness key or any other event items. Only the winners of the event can say that.
    27. You must have a normal name not a fandom name or a name of a cannon character from a manga/anime/tv show/book/video game
    28. Fill in your character basic information within a month. (Meaning if you just make a account and do nothing with it you will be banned if you already did all your stuff and are a frequent log in member your ok.)

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