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    Theme songs

    Quill ScorchWood
    Quill ScorchWood

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    Theme songs

    Post by Quill ScorchWood on Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:12 am

    This is just something i put up so people have something to do or what not. That and i'm curious in what songs you guys will put down as what theme you want for what ever kind of scene your in. so to start it i will post mine first to kick it off. Oh ya do forget to give us the theme then the name of the song then the name of the artist then a link to the song itself. (Side note: If you put a song that will trigger someone people put trigger warning next to the link please i don't want anyone dying because of my forum)
    Quill ScorchWood
    Quill ScorchWood

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    Re: Theme songs

    Post by Quill ScorchWood on Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:56 am

    Main theme: Clattanoia (English cover) by Nathan Sharp: Origin by Oxt

    Raging battle theme: Doom song Hell to pay by Miracle of sound (maybe trigger warning)

    Giant monster battle theme: Godzilla final war theme by Toho

    Battle theme: Blood Sugar by Pendulum

    Sky battle theme: One winged angle Sephiroth's theme Avdent Child

    Final battle theme: Stain of time (metal gear rising boss theme)

    Mind controlled battle theme: It has to be this way (metal gear rising final boss theme)

    Grim's battle theme/picture: Gore Magala battle theme (Monster Hunter series)

    Grim's chaos mode theme/picture: ChaosGore Magala Theme (Monster Hunter Series)

    Buster's Battle theme/Picture: Glavenus battle theme (Monster Hunter series)

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    Crimson Fallen
    Crimson Fallen

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    Theme songs for Crimson

    Post by Crimson Fallen on Sun Jul 17, 2016 9:03 pm

    Main theme: The Grey by Icon For Hire -

    In the rose garden theme: Hope Of Morning by Icon For Hire -

    Running from the guards theme: Fall Apart By Icon For Hire -

    Side Battle: Angel Falls by Breaking Benjamin

    Small battle theme: Watch me by Icon For Hire -

    Medium battle theme: Up In Flames by Icon For Hire -

    Massive battle theme: Fight by Icon For Hire -

    Battle theme: War of Change by Thousand Foot Krutch -

    Final battle theme: Down by Thousand Foot Krutch - (Trigger warning)

    Wolf summoning theme: Just a Little Faster by There for Tomorrow -

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    Khornate Bellator
    Khornate Bellator

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    Khornate's themes

    Post by Khornate Bellator on Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:05 pm

    Main theme: Wrong side of Heaven by Five Finger Death Punch -

    Battle theme: Lift me up by Five Finger Death Punch -

    Khornate mentally imprisoned theme: Broken by seether -

    Learn to fear the chains theme: Long way down -

    Tortured child hood theme: Pairbond, owned by 2K, -

    Taken Theme: Demons by Bloodshot dawn -

    Chaotic War Theme: Forlorn World by Bloodshot dawn -

    Brink of insanity theme: Failure by Breaking Benjamin -

    Small Battle Theme: Riot by Three days grace -

    Resistance theme: Combat ready, Artish: ' Extreme Music ', -

    Calm before the storm theme: As the Empire falls, Artist: ' Postion Music ', -

    Trapped in Armadon Theme: 512 by Lamb of god -

    Inside Khornates Head: Imaginary by Evenescence -

    When Battling Khornate theme: Regicide 'Destiny' -

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    Re: Theme songs

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