You are a noblemen or noblewomen that has gain the power to wield a accessory that will transform into a weapon base on your families emblem. Not all are the same.

    BIO rules for normal members

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    BIO rules for normal members Empty BIO rules for normal members

    Post by Quill ScorchWood on Thu Jun 23, 2016 8:44 pm

    These's are the rules to making your bio:

    1. Follow the character sheet provide by us.
    2. Each stat has a max of 10.
    3. You can not be royalty or the lost royal heir or say that you where but you or your parents where over thrown by someone else.
    4. No over sexualizing any of your characters.
    5. No pornographic images (this is a PG-13 site not a A-rated site)
    6. Follow the weapon rules
    7. Follow the ability rules
    8. No mech suits unless you are bound by a wheel chair
    9. You have 20 skill points to spend on your stats
    10. No dual wielding weapons (unless they are connected by something like a chain)
    11. No futuristic weapons like beam cannons/sword, Gauss rifles, or Guarden drones
    12. No modern rifles (pistols are ok)
    13. No full fledged Furriers (you can have animal parts but not a anthropomorphic human animal thing)
    14. No Mary Sues' (though that takes like most of the rules)
    15. No online dating (if you are in a relationship with the person in real life then it is ok)
    16. No fan fiction characters you made (Don't ask)
    17. No psychopathic/Mess up back story (This isn't a Drama/Horror forum)
    18. Do not put the size of your breast or Wang on your Bio
    19. No powers that where given to you by curse or other means
    20. You can have on pet but nothing like a massive world destroying dragons or anything like that
    21. Do not say you are a werewolf/vampire/succubi or anything like that you are human (or human with animal parts)
    22. Everyone starts out as a Baron or Baroness
    23. You can not say you are famous only admins and mods can (since they are both my helpers in maintaining this forum)
    24. Do not say that your accessory can become a living weapon/your pet
    25. Do not copy others
    26. You can't be under the age of 13 (both in the forum and in real life)
    27. All stats skill points are 5 points of what ever stat
    28. Stats are Strength(STR) Defense (DEF) Casting (CAST) and Resistance (RES)
    29. Armor has a +10 defense and weapons have a +10 in Strength
    30. Both Armor and Weapons can be up graded (read upgrade list)
    31. Both Weapon and Armor can not be pornographic (Don't Ask)
    32. Your HP and MP must add up to 400
    33. Each time you use your power in a attack it cast 20 MP
    34. When hit subtract the damage by your defense
    35. You are not a god/goddess or the off spring of one or the reincarnation of one

    Those are the rules for your Bio's
    Follow them and have fun

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